If you weren’t stupid I wouldn’t be writing this

I am sad and frustrated today and it’s probably your fault. You see, I have been paying attention to U.S. politics(I’m a U.S. citizen, what a novel idea!) as faithfully as I can since I turned 18. When I started out I was a moron who listened to my community and the media, I was a bible belter, and like all bible belters thought I had to vote Republican since they hold themselves up as the guardians of 1950’s morality(which turns out to be a really shitty morality, but I was young and programmed, please forgive me). BE79D0AC-8EA6-42E9-8CE7-AD69A35B7B6C_w640_r1_s

Eventually I came to reject the glaring hypocrisies that saturated the ChristiansGOP relationship, as anyone with a mind that functions could see that the policies of the GOP are antithetical to the teachings of christ, and beyond that I always believed education to be very important, and the GOP, for some unexplained reason, was and is fighting to diminish education and institute a warped theocratic brainwashing system in place of education.

I am not going to link to supporting articles on the points I am making in this piece because the internet works just as well for you as it does for me and NOBODY ACTUALLY CLICKS THROUGH TO READ THEM ANYWAY. 

Now, the saddening, frustrating realization of the last two elections cycles that I have been trying not to internalize for fear of imploding, is that the moron brigade in America is not made of a few choice idiots. It seems, so very fucking sadly, to include nearly all of my friends and family.

Try telling someone about Bernie Sanders and you will see just what I mean. People will spend more time attempting NOT to look into him than they will looking into all other candidates combined. They come up with these lame-ass media parroted bullshit excuses to NOT learn about him. I told my mom she should consider Bernie, her response was “What party is he running for?” THAT’S your first question? And that’s maybe one of the least ass-hatted responses. The better ones are along the lines of “Psshh, that lunatic socialist”, or “He’s just another politician”.

Rather than punch myself or anyone else in the taint for the flagrant stupidity blockading rational thought in the U.S., I have decided to attempt a rhetorical victory over those who pretend they don’t have the time to form an educated opinion(I’ve seen how you spend your leisure time, and it rhymes with disgusting state of unthinking obesity) by NOT murdering people, which would be way more efficient and satisfying, and instead calmly laying out the platform of Bernie Sanders in layman’s terms outside of the media spinproganda.

Bernie’s platform will help all citizens in the following ways:

  • Overturning Citizens United will help alleviate the strangle hold that multinational corporations have on the U.S. congress. If you have been paying attention(and I know you haven’t because politics is a clown show and I don’t blame you, also you’re a moron), then you know that congress is bought and works against the people, not for them. Bernie hates this as much as we do.
  • Taxing the wealthy is a tested, proven way to expand needed social programs that help keep the poor empowered and the middle class “mobile”. As it stands right now, the GOP and the bought congress would like to see us all dripping blood from our chins from fighting over wage-slave, menial labor jobs and essentially living for the next wasteful chinese made “thing” to buy so that we can all take pictures of it and post it to instagram to let our friends know we have one too.
  • Bernie wants to raise the federal minimum wage and begin building a modern infrastructure in the U.S. I seem to remember a few million idiots screaming about jobs for some time. He’s proposing jobs… that pay… a livable wage… and simultaneously fixes roads, bridges, expands rail and improves safety, congestion and even helps to protect the environment(you better believe that much of this infrastructure investment will be “green”).
  • SINGLE PAYER HEALTHCARE IMPROVES HEALTHCARE FOR ALL AND COSTS LESS. This is one of the most infuriating misunderstandings that Americans have. Insurance is a MIDDLE ENTITY, it stands BETWEEN you and the doctor, and profits for… NOTHING! Bernie wants us to all agree to pay for healthcare together, to make it a human right, and in the process the cost of healthcare per capita will drop significantly. Anyone who does not believe that is FUCKING STUPID and could spend 5 seconds on the same internet that I found this information on.
  • Bernie wants college education available to all for free. This creates an educated work force and translates into a healthier economy. If that confuses you, then the point has just proven itself. Education is broken, and it CAN be fixed(From his own mouth: “In a highly competitive global economy, we need the best educated workforce we can create. It is insane and counterproductive to the best interests of our country, that hundreds of thousands of bright young people cannot afford to go to college, and that millions of others leave school with a mountain of debt that burdens them for decades. That must end. That is why, as president, I will fight to make tuition in public colleges and universities free, as well as substantially lower interest rates on student loans.”)

These are really just the tip of the iceBern. Go watch his interview with Katie Couric. Watch him speak to Iowans and Minnesotans. Look at his voting record and political career. Make yourself less of a bumbling consumer bot and more of an American.

This particular video is worth watching in full:


Jenner and Dolezal are not gross, our reaction, however… super gross

People are losing their malnourished, preservative-laden shit over two humans who rejected their given identity for one they prefered. Obviously the notion of changing a personal feature as fundamental as your sex or race is bound to confuse or bemuse others, but our collective spazz out over the rational decisions of two people who harmed nobody tells us two things about our society:

1. We suck at minding our own business.

2. We suck at seeing past external identifiers to the person within.

Too many people who had nothing to do with either situation suddenly felt an impulse to express their opinions about both situations, and often these opinions contained personal attacks or the Walmart-Shopper version of a witty criticism such as this kitten who had no idea it was entering into the stupidity of the “American” ideology echo chamber. On face value most people might see this argument and think “Yeah, you can’t just say you’re something you are not, that makes sense”, but the larger issue at play here is philosophical, and because it is philosophical it is also subjective. This is where our social dialog prolapses and drags across the already sticky theater floor that is our collective internet consciousness.

In an attempt to soothe your increasingly fractured sense of self I am going to argue this entire issue into oblivion on the following axioms:

a) That we can not “play god” is provably false

b) That we ought not “play god” is not supported by evidence

c) That genetics are an inscribed unalterable fate/sentence is provably false

d) That it is almost solely the religious community that refuses to move past what is in essence tribalism in favor of a new character-driven era that extols the virtue of healthfulness over conformity

God wants us to play!

See? There is an example of a statement that cannot apply to our general discourse, because it is a nonsense, or empty, statement. God is not a thing but rather a symbol(such as infinity) for something else that humans stand in awe of(nature). To ancients god was the weather and its domain the sky. Later god was in plants, then animals and now today god seems to be living somewhere in the depths of a boson. Anyhow, the religiously god fearing sector of humanity, which is still frighteningly large even at the peak of our connectedness, would like very much for things to be predestined and conscripted by some sort of beneficent tyrant, even when that tyrant’s conscription is gang-rape, mutilation, torture, cancer, getting eaten by bears, et al., it’s just a part of god’s plan and fuck the police and a 5-0 too if anyone tries to go against god’s will.

Axiom A is sufficiently proven by history, and if you need me to tell you why or how, you have been spending too much time in front of the television. So let’s move forward with the knowledge that, if we so choose, we certainly can “play god”. However, axiom B is ready to annoy us.

We OUGHT to play! 

How else do you think we developed propulsion capable of lifting 4.4 million pounds off the ground, through our atmosphere, and out into space? We “played god”. And today in the fields of biotechnology, or the more rhetorically handy stem cell research, we are facing push-back from people who still believe that god wants us to remain inept and just take whatever comes our way feebly, and then praise him for it. Consider this snippet from a $10,000-worded article(found here):

… the undermining of old-established cultural structures does not only lead to changes in the image of man, but also in the image of God. One might argue that it is not surprising that these images correlate. Nevertheless, religious individuals cannot be reassured by the anti-religious assertion that images of God are mere projections of anthropology on the hereafter. They have to account for the way they keep up their confidence in God, who helps them to handle individual and social contingency. Just as Bonhoeffer in his famous prison letters (Bonhoeffer 1997), Drees finds that whenever this confidence is shaken, the “playing God”-reproach against modern technologies is based on an inadequate concept of God as a “God of the Gaps”. As soon as such puzzles are solved, God is marginalized again—and those who entrench themselves behind the “playing God”-reproach in the discussion of modern technologies actually feel this. In order to avoid the challenge and to preserve one’s own image of God and the usually associated cultural (moral, ritual and political) procedures, one turns against the new possibilities and its representatives with emphatically pronounced aggression.

But despair not, guardians of the voice of reason, for in that very article(I know you didn’t read it), the author very keenly addresses the rational conservatives as well:

Perhaps, or even obviously, there are certain limits to seemingly unlimited scientific progress. Transgressing such limits is not only practically unwise, but ethically irresponsible. Two kinds of reasons can be formulated for an expectable or even unavoidable rejection: the technologies in question could be, following the terminology of ethics, consequentially irresponsible, i.e. their consequences would be unacceptable. In such a case, the risks are high and likely to arise. In another scenario, a technology could be deontologically reprehensible, i.e. certain duties would be violated and the actions themselves would have to be considered objectionable.

How these two facets of the same human notion play in concern of Caitlyn Jenner and Rachel Dolezal are immediately obvious. The status quo, Walmart shopping mental inbreeders of society are going to assert that which is already proven false: you cannot play god. You can. Even though genetically Jenner is still male, our collective gasping occurred at the instance we perceived “him” as “her”, affirming the transformation. Confused men were suddenly vexed by the internal quest to sexualize Caitlyn knowing that just a few surgeries ago that was Bruce.

Clearly the “playing god” aspect of our collective reaction and analysis of the Jenner situation does not directly translate to that of Dolezal, as Rachel merely defied her identity through performance and cosmetics whereas Caitlyn went for a full biological overhaul, but the sensitivities that each violated are the same. People don’t like it when you show them how fragile our perception of reality is. It makes going back to that shitty job tomorrow much more difficult because it points to an internalized meaning of life over an external one, and that flies in the face of everything “Americans” are about, but we would still be pissing and shitting in the streets without people who take the world for granted and then reform it in their own way.

Axiom B is sufficiently proven.

Genetics will be just another thing we manipulate in the near future!

Understand that when I say ‘near’ I mean warp-drive near. We’re gonna do it, just not now, and possibly my grandkids won’t either, but it will happen. As inevitable as non-carbon based alien lifeforms, human genetic engineering is already possible and will be somehow accepted and/or regulated and/or banned in the near future. Axiom C was sufficiently proven before I even listed it, and if you need me to explain it you have spent too much time shopping at football-princess.com.

So it’s not that we lack the ability to play with genes. We’re doing it right now, and as mapping, modeling, computing all get stronger the ability to play will only get jazzier(or SCARIER if you are anti). This means that in the future if you want to occupy the biological space of another race or sex, it shouldn’t be a problem. Unless it’s too expensive, or it’s banned. The writers of Star Trek seem to think it will be banned, but their predictions are sometimes silly(such as in the future you will always be locked out of helm controls whenever and for whatever reason). What we lack is the moral courage to look nature in the testicles and say “I want ovaries”, and to have everyone be alright with that. Or, in the case of Dolezal, rather than simply perm her hair and expertly craft a certain wardrobe, she could simply become “black”. This would not make her anymore “African-American” or historically black than Jenner is historically(experientially, meaningfully) a female. These are simply changes of course, not new identities; since a person is the sum of their experiences, no new “person” is created except in the minds of the transitioned persons and perceptions of those who know them.

Tribalism still chokes human progress, and not in the fun naked way

Here, at last, is the conclusion that I feel is most aptly reached about our social reaction to Caitlyn Jenner and Rachel Dolezal: we are a bunch of spazzing insecure idiots. Past heresies include believing the world is round, not wanting the tip of your penis cut off, accidentally tripping on hallucinogenic mold spores, and not wanting to be a slave. In other words, WE SUCK AT ACCEPTING THE RIGHTS OF OTHER BEINGS. The reason for this is tribalism, OR, more accurately today, neotribalism.

Life as a human is way to scary to tackle alone. In order to combat this we do a very reasonable and at the same time idiotic thing: we surround ourselves with people we perceive to be “like” us. We cordon ourselves off into little groups and often battle each other either physically or rhetorically, largely to make us feel better about the massive and unrelenting despair that uncertainty about one’s existence will leave you with. No harm, no foul.. when you think of it that way. Sadly, the gift of the internet was bestowed upon humanity and the first things we did with it were further the objectification of women, reinforce our external identities(we share more pictures of things we like than discuss ideas or inner struggles) and form new, massive tribes. And just like those of biblical times, we are blindly murdering, mutilating, pillaging(sometimes not even metaphorically) each other in the name of “group think” or a feeling of belonging. So you have people who react with hostility towards Dolezal for pretending to be from one tribe when she was really from another as if it was some form of espionage of her assumed tribe or an insult to her “real” tribe, yet nobody talks about her successes within her assumed role in her assumed tribe under her assumed identity. She was good at her job and fought for social justices on behalf of her assumed tribe. People are not attacking her for anything real, she didn’t fuck anything up or hurt people to get where she wanted to be. The perceived deception that she perpetrated on both tribes was one of externality that shouldn’t really matter to anyone. Honestly, that you even care at all about Jenner or Dolezal says that you have some issues to work out.

Our social behavior in America right now is not even gross, it’s disgusting. We destroy public figures, worship then eat celebrities, pray for the deaths of politicians, etc, all in the name of a cultural righteousness(or purity…. ish) that we only imagine to be real. This is how gay kids get strung up in trees and pummeled with rocks. How black people get sprayed with fire hoses. How dreamers, inventors, and visionaries get executed by the church. Et al.

To summarize briefly, here is a one-sentence explanation of everything you need to know about Jenner and Dolezal:

A white girl pretended to be black and was good at it while a famous male surgically transitioned to female, and even though they are both in apparent violation of what their genes still say to this day, judging people on what is external over what is internal is wrong, and they deserve at least some small amount of praise for challenging our immature diaper shitting fascism.  

Speaking of memes and why they’re gross

bushmemeI came across this meme today on that vapid “social networking” site we all use and thought, “My golly! What a fine example of a shitty and misleading meme that only serves to further the political divide between our citizens!”. Problem is, they are everywhere and within the echo chamber that is online ideology(let’s be honest, we all only pay attention to and affirm ideas that neatly align with our fragile world views), they are seldom questioned. Every side of every argument has millions of convenient little memes to throw around that seem to neatly summarize what people who already agree with it ought to think, or be able to throw out in a nonsense argument at a party. I fucking hate this shit, even when it’s about people who I do or do not loathe. For example, W. Definitely in the loathed category, but even republicans started to regret his presidency, much like democrats are underwhelmed with Obama. Well, to be fair, liberals are underwhelmed by(or flatly peeved with) Obama while democrats are still trying to hail him as a hero relative to W.

But take another look at the above meme and come back.

Ok, so let’s all be honest for a sec. Firstly, the Obama administration proved to be more of the same, and I would not classify his stint in the office as a liberal era with the exception of the repeal of DADT, which was really not that big of an issue for the country, and W. can’t be personally blamed for everything on that list. It’s important that we all recognize the masters behind our government instead of always hanging the figurehead as some sort of immortal power wielding god. Not to say I didn’t loathe W., but Obama(like Clinton) is leaving a Wall Street legacy rather than a liberal populist one like he promised, and all because he refused to use the bully pulpit to out the corruption that plagues our high offices. Which begs the question, did he even want to, or were his speeches just “nice sounding” with no practical intention backing them?

Obamacare, as it’s called, was Mitt Romney’s brainchild, and it’s not a viable healthcare solution for the richest nation on the planet, it’s just an expanded insurance market. The coverage that low-income families and students can get is not good coverage, it’s just marginally affordable. Banning the pre-existing conditions denial protocol insurers used to avoid payouts is good, but the market has found all sorts of ways around it, such as liquidating one firm to create another, leaving millions of previously insured out in the cold and forced to find less affordable coverage with the new firms put in their place or finding worse plans because it’s all they can now afford.

It was nice to have a president that can talk in public without embarrassing everyone, but it’s not like the U.S. has come even close to being on par with other developed countries on most important social concerns like education, infrastructure, healthcare, representation and social safety nets. I call it mostly a failed or purely deceitful administration and hope beyond hope that Bernie Sanders can actually get elected this next go ’round, because I GUARANTEE that he will actually use the bully pulpit to start bringing common sense policy to the forefront of U.S. politics, particularly in the areas of education and healthcare.

Now as far as U.S. foreign policy… that’s anyone’s guess. For all we know the U.S. is interminably locked into the middle east struggle with China and Russia at the other end waiting for us to exhaust our efforts. I guess what it comes down to is I hate memes and the oversimplifications they represent, and the sentiment in the above meme is clearly a centrist democrat Clinton-worshipping liberal, not the “let’s actually make this country better for all, like for real, like now” liberal sentiment that we so very desperately need.

Memes are cheap, and gross, and we should stop using them in our political discourse, because they only reinforce the notion that the U.S. is divided, when in fact it is not. The over funded manure factory that is the U.S. election cycle likes it when we talk to each other this way, because they get off on how easily distracted we are from the real issues affecting us. It keeps us busy attacking each other so that they can have their way, and that’s our collective gross to get off.

Tobacco is a cunt

Eat shit before you freak out at me for using that word in the title. It’s not click bait but I needed your impossible to obtain attention somehow and now I have it. I have read Inga Muscio’s wonderful book and have even gifted it to other significant women in my life but anyone who thinks pejoratives are going anywhere lives up inside their ass cave and the fact is that there is no other word that possesses such immediately striking vitriol, and since I am quitting smoking I am inclined to throw that magnificently powerful word at my former master, and really, that is the general thrust of my meaning when saying the word cunt… that the subject is an oppressor that pretends to be on your side. I am not referring to ladyparts and anyways don’t be sexist because you can call a man a cunt, it’s 2015 after all, have we made no progress?

Germaine Greer said in 2006 that cunt “is one of the few remaining words in the English language with a genuine power to shock”. So I chose a shocking word on purpose and enough about that already.

Tobacco is poison. You already know this, and maybe you have sat under a tree somewhere and pondered the folly of people intentionally paying out the vas deferens for something that has no justification stronger than “I like it.” In my 20 years of smoking that was always the most truthful and strongest reason I had to keep going, or rather, not to quit. “I like it”, I would say, and I meant it. As I sit here now typing this I am full of inexplicable rage at the absence of my poisonous oppressive master, like I am some sort of sad ass Vorta dipshit living in delusional subservience to the Founders(…actually quite apt given Tobacco’s history in the country). But it’s a frustrating double-edge sword that all revolutionaries must grapple with, as on the one hand few things can offer the reprieve of an evening cigarette in the summer, yet that reprieve is a self-created moment, as Allen Carr points out in The Easy Way to Stop Smoking: 

“Wouldn’t that be an incredibly stupid thing to do? To say ‘I never want to smoke again’, then spend the rest of your life saying ‘I’d love a cigarette.’ That’s what smokers who use the Willpower Method do. No wonder they feel so miserable. They spend the rest of their lives desperately moping for something that they desperately hope they will never have.”

Part of what makes a revolutionary is the smarts to get out from under the puss-boiled ass cheeks of those who hold themselves undeservedly above you, such as people who come from money, people who have acquired a lot of money, and people who want to have a lot of money but don’t quite have enough of it yet and will stop at nothing to get it. If those smarts count for anything, they must also give you the capacity to quit, as Allen also says, “joyfully”, that the act of quitting should be a gleeful act of rebellion instead of a miserable new funk to live in.

So again I assert that Tobacco is an insufferable cunt that must not be allowed to mingle in the clubhouse any longer, and I am not referring to ladyparts when I say that, and calm down already about words, and also quit smoking.

Manmale versus Femalewoman

Would it confuse you if I said that I am male but not a man? The difference between sex and gender is often thrown aside as irrelevant in common discourse, and due to my obsession with etymology and connotation this pisses me straight off on a regular basis. Of course you know that sex is biological and gender is social, but maybe your friends don’t, and if you have ever had a hard time explaining it to them then this post is going to help.

Most people understand, unless they are still stuck in the bronze age(as so many Americans are) that gender is a spectrum, that you can be different “levels” or degrees of masculine or feminine. What many people do not know, however, is that sex is the same. The biological expression of sex is just as complex and inconsistent as our social expression of gender. Many people think that you are conceived as either male or female but all embryos are actually “bi-potential”.
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a cold and ugly hello

One cause of my depression, if not the cause of it, is that I and people like me are called idealists or written off as Utopians simply for wanting what can easily be. It’s a fact that private interests stand in the way of the common good, not a theory. It’s a fact that war and religion are tools of the wealthy-and therefore powerful-elite to effect the changes that benefit themselves over society at large, not a theory. So when the conspiracies of the elite against the common person are exposed it is wildly frustrating to see them dismissed as theories, and downright enraging to see that all who agree are then dismissed as some sort of liberal pejorative, despite it being true that they who sling these insults do not understand the basis of liberalism and are, in fact, just parroting some media campaign designed to silence the common person.

People seem to forget that we only get one time around on a very short ride.

Why should we tolerate those who actively work to make the lives of millions miserable? Why should we tolerate those who can only see murder, war and destruction as a means to their end? Why should an entire society, abundant in resources, labor and creativity, allow itself to be reduced to wage-slavery?

I call bullshit. And I write this debut post to say hello to you today with a bitter and angry spirit, because America is a bitter and angry place that worships freedom and goodness, yet only rewards conformity and malice.