Tobacco is a cunt

Eat shit before you freak out at me for using that word in the title. It’s not click bait but I needed your impossible to obtain attention somehow and now I have it. I have read Inga Muscio’s wonderful book and have even gifted it to other significant women in my life but anyone who thinks pejoratives are going anywhere lives up inside their ass cave and the fact is that there is no other word that possesses such immediately striking vitriol, and since I am quitting smoking I am inclined to throw that magnificently powerful word at my former master, and really, that is the general thrust of my meaning when saying the word cunt… that the subject is an oppressor that pretends to be on your side. I am not referring to ladyparts and anyways don’t be sexist because you can call a man a cunt, it’s 2015 after all, have we made no progress?

Germaine Greer said in 2006 that cunt “is one of the few remaining words in the English language with a genuine power to shock”. So I chose a shocking word on purpose and enough about that already.

Tobacco is poison. You already know this, and maybe you have sat under a tree somewhere and pondered the folly of people intentionally paying out the vas deferens for something that has no justification stronger than “I like it.” In my 20 years of smoking that was always the most truthful and strongest reason I had to keep going, or rather, not to quit. “I like it”, I would say, and I meant it. As I sit here now typing this I am full of inexplicable rage at the absence of my poisonous oppressive master, like I am some sort of sad ass Vorta dipshit living in delusional subservience to the Founders(…actually quite apt given Tobacco’s history in the country). But it’s a frustrating double-edge sword that all revolutionaries must grapple with, as on the one hand few things can offer the reprieve of an evening cigarette in the summer, yet that reprieve is a self-created moment, as Allen Carr points out in The Easy Way to Stop Smoking: 

“Wouldn’t that be an incredibly stupid thing to do? To say ‘I never want to smoke again’, then spend the rest of your life saying ‘I’d love a cigarette.’ That’s what smokers who use the Willpower Method do. No wonder they feel so miserable. They spend the rest of their lives desperately moping for something that they desperately hope they will never have.”

Part of what makes a revolutionary is the smarts to get out from under the puss-boiled ass cheeks of those who hold themselves undeservedly above you, such as people who come from money, people who have acquired a lot of money, and people who want to have a lot of money but don’t quite have enough of it yet and will stop at nothing to get it. If those smarts count for anything, they must also give you the capacity to quit, as Allen also says, “joyfully”, that the act of quitting should be a gleeful act of rebellion instead of a miserable new funk to live in.

So again I assert that Tobacco is an insufferable cunt that must not be allowed to mingle in the clubhouse any longer, and I am not referring to ladyparts when I say that, and calm down already about words, and also quit smoking.


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    First-days quit-rage NSFW.


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